How To Verify Facebook Page Blue Badge In 2020


How to verify facebook page with blue badge

today i will share everything about How to verify facebook page Facebook is the most famous and popular social media website which allow you to stay connected with your family and friends. However, do you know that now you can also make money with the help of the Facebook page?

Yes, it is quite an easy online way to earn some bucks while entertained the Facebook audience. Though Facebook has almost 2 billion-plus daily active users, and that’s why making money with Facebook page would become the more powerful and easy way.

So, here we are going to show you how to verify facebook page, as because, without the verification process, your page wouldn’t give you an earning source.

Verify Facebook Page Blue Badge

That’s why if you want to earn extra money, then you have to approve your page first. So, if you like how to do, I verify my facebook business page, then here we are showing you some easiest ways.

How to verify facebook page.?

Have you ever think about how to get that little blue check mark on your Facebook accounts? Confirming your Facebook Page and gaining that modest image alongside your business’ name makes you progressively official and solid.

It bodes well that most organizations need to gain that Facebook verification mark for themselves.

In this post, we’re going to show you how to verify your Facebook Page and as well as your Facebook profile, and everything that the confirmation procedure involves.

Before you begin the procedure of confirmation, you’ll need to ensure your Page is in best structure.

Facebook doesn’t have a strict rundown of necessities, however ensuring that your Page looks extraordinary—and tenable—will go far when Facebook is valuing your demand.

So, here you need to have such things in a case to verify facebook page include:

  • A well-maintained website
  • Contact information
  • An “About” and long-lines of description (which specify about your business and yourself as well)
  • A lot of native and relevant content.

It’s also necessary to further note that only specific types of relevant and generous Pages can be able to become verified quickly and easily. This might be including

  • Public Figures,
  • Local Businesses,
  • Companies,

How do I verify my facebook business page?

So, you want to verify your business page, here you need to do things include:

  1. Make sure your cover photo, logo, and profile info are completely uptodate
  2. Fill out this form & wait for a response from Facebook

Just when you have that ability to verify the page further

However, when you see that you are able to get a verified Facebook page, then you will see another option which is “instant verification.” This feature will make you able to have Facebook invite your Page’s openly registered phone number.

Then, after that, you will be able to get a verification code, and that code you need to put in a box which Facebook provides you later.

Then after all these processes and steps, Facebook will certainly award you while giving your page a nice gray check mark and as well as you may also get a blue one, according to the Facebook decision.

Final Words:

This verification process can happen only when you are eligible enough in the eye of Facebook. If Facebook thinks that your page is relevant enough, then it will provide you with the verification code as soon as you apply for it.

So, it is better to make yourself good enough and get lots of followers by which Facebook will understand that you run an actual business so you will get the verification mark instantly.

So, if you already get that specific mark on your page, then do share your own techniques in the comment section below and help others.


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