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Here is the good news for you all that you can easily check your LESCO Electricity Bills Online. Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is a company which is supplying electricity to the Lahore city. This company Supply Limited engages in the distribution of electricity in Pakistan. Lahore Electric Supply Company Limited was known as Lahore Area Electricity Board since the past years but now a days it changed its name. LESCO Electricity Bills Online company isolated in Lahore, Pakistan.

Check Your Lesco Bill Online Here

Now a days its so simple to check you lesco bills online. You need to go to the LESCO online website and just enter the reference number in the given field and obtained the related customer bill  after that you need to print out your lesco bill copy. I think i need to explain this process in the simple steps just for the better understanding.

So here in the below i am going to explain the all process in the simple steps. After following these steps you will be able to check you lesco bills online. Also this is the Company website www.lesco.gov.pk if you need another information you can check here. Ok now so lets gets start

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Method To Check Lesco Bill Online

  • 1) First of all you need to go to the below link

  • 2) After that you will be able to see two different options and their relevant field (1) Reference No (2) Customer ID

  • 3) You can check you with reference No. as well as customer ID 


  • 4) Choose the option that is easy for you


  • 5) If you choose the reface number enter the reference number and get your Lesco Bill Online


  • 6) Otherwise you can check your lesco bill online by just enter the customer ID

  • 7) That”s it you have done . Now you are able to check your lesco bills online 

Check Your Lesco Bill Online On Your Android Cell Phone

Also you can easily check your lesco bills online through your android mobile. You just need to download LESCO Android App. and can easily access your bill information. Where to download android app for this purpose? So follow the below steps.

  • 1)  Open the Below Link to download LESCO android app
  • 2) Just Install this app on your android mobile


  • 3) Now through this application you can check the LESCO bills online easily.


  • 4) The bill checking process is the same as i explained above


  • 5) This is amazing app fot this purpose.

These methods are for the customer help sometimes customer has received the LESCO Bill due to the many problem such as address or may be another issue just like courier person mistake. If the customer not received the bill then may be some extra charges he will pay due to the late submission. So in such cases these methods are the awesome ways to access your LESCO bills from home.

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I think the explanation about the LESCO bills check online is the enough to understand, and i hope is it useful for you .

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